Dollar Duck


Hi, I am Dollar Duck!

I am the mascot for Duck Grobbelaar and her online services.

She stumbled upon me one day in 2011 looking for images of ducks to decorate her computer with and adopted me immediately as her online services mascot.

Now I help her brand her services all over the web!


Success With Duck 786 has been serving the online community since 2011 when we started as a small business information service. We now diversified and offer several main services (one is the original service and the other two are fork-offs), as well as several sidelines. And a new HELP / CONTACT CENTER from 2021 too (this site).

We started off on WordPress and then move our services to Blogger where we initially diversified our basic services. Early in 2021 we moved our services to Google Sites and diversified it even more.
We started with landing pages too advertising our services, but ran in a slight hiccup with Google's block on any Google Site in a frame. We are busy raising an issue with Google about it, but have found a temporary alternative for this with a set of limited pages each with a logo and a very short message linked to the splash pages, on Blogger (again). A note at the bottom of these pages explain the situation. Not the best option, but better than what we had... That is, until Google releases Google Sites for display in a frame...

In July 2021, we started to get a lot of 404 errors from Google on our Google Sites websites. And decided it's better to move back to Blogger due to its flexibility. We do have a notice on our HOME pages stating that "this is a WEBSITE and not a blog" for clarification and we remove the Blogger headers for the same reason. The first website to migrate back to Blogger is our Customer Care / Help Center (this site).